About AntiWacko

I am a Deist & Centrist. My ideals are quite simple: (1) Do good and don’t look back; and (2) Honor & Truth above politics.

What has happened in in America since Barack Obama started running for President has really disturbed me. The opposition to him from the right-wing of politics became vile, vitriolic and hostile to common sense; in fact, truly disgusting. There was a lot of crazy & angry talk aimed at George W Bush, but nothing of the order we now see targeting Barack Obama. This talk is positively dangerous and, sometimes, comes very closer to sedition. It is, often, quite racist.  This hatred of Obama, and the rancid attacks against him, have demeaned America in the eyes of the World.

I have seen first hand that, when religious and political fanatics, and extremists from right & left, gain power, they, very soon, start to implement their fanatical ideologies and extremist ideas. The result is always a collective craziness amongst those in power and their followers, and a destructiveness that ends up harming society. I’m afraid that this is what will probably happen if today’s version of American Conservatism becomes ascendant in American politics.

Right thinking people, who are blessed with inquisitive minds and common sense, must speak out. It is their duty to try and bring sanity into the conversation and into society at large. Fortunately and gratefully, I am one of those who are so blessed and I am speaking out.

Winston Churchill said: “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” I challenge the lies.

Join me, please, in bringing sanity into politics and government.


4 Responses to About AntiWacko

  1. J Roycroft says:

    It’s no wonder you have only 7 followers.

    • Vincent A says:

      I had to comment because this guy sent a bunch of tweets my way with his crazy talk so I needed to clear the air of his stink.
      Stupid clown, get a clue

  2. AntiWacko says:

    I don’t have corporate sponsors.

  3. Vincent A says:

    Have you figured it out yet? Obama is a corrupt hack politician who has ZERO accountability for everything he does. He comes out and says he is against something like spying on the media while actively committing these offenses he speaks out against. He says his will be an administration of transparency while defrauding the American people with the IRS targeting his enemies. This is ELECTION RIGGING and he should be in JAIL. He is the biggest 2-faced politician who has no good ideas and never did. That’s why nothing he has done was successful. I know, you think its the GOP and right wingers preventing Obama’s plans from working however, that is a cheap excuse and has no validity. And the GOP DOES NOT have a war on women, that is another deception perpetrated by Obama. Obama and Dems politicizes everything and then when they wants something like Benghazi to go away Obama and Dems says to the media and GOP “Stop politicizing this issue”

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