N.R.A. Pledge Of Allegiance

This may be humour but, from what I see coming from the National Rifle Association (NRA), it’s close to truth.

139Source: Fairt & Creators.com

The carnage that firearms and irresponsible firearms owners have brought to America is horrific, by all civilized standards, but far too many Americans are obsessed by the thought that they are modern cowboys or an incarnation of “Dirty Harry”.



About AntiWacko

Deist & Centrist. Religious fanatics & the extremists from right & left harm society. Winston Churchill once said: "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." It's time to fight the lies, because the life of this nation depends upon it. Ideals: (1) Do good and don’t look back; (2) Honor & truth above politics.
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