Will GOP Gov Bob McDonnell Be Charged With a Crime

Things are getting ugly for Republican Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia.


Wednesday morning, even Chuck Todd was condemning the Republican governor, saying that McDonnell’s national hopes and political career have been turned upside down in a matter of months as every week new details come out about his gifts scandal. Instead of national ambitions, Todd said, “Now he just has to hope he can keep from being charged with a crime.”


As federal and state investigations swirl around the $145,000 given to the Virginia Republican and his family, state Senator Barbara Favola (D-Arlington) was the first elected official to directly call on him to resign. And late last night CNN’s Peter Hamby tweeted “text from top GOPer just now on latest McDonnell revelation: ‘that’s not survivable.’


McDonnell’s scandal has been growing at a steady pace, getting worse with each revelation, as is the usual course of really damaging scandals. It’s not going away. Whereas he once seemed merely embattled, he now seems like a contagious disease, with even Republicans backing away from him even before his term ends this January.


It’s also not helping that the Post revealed yet another big donation from the Star Scientific CEO to McDonnell’s daughter for her wedding, only this time it’s for the eldest daughter. Another wedding. Yes, that’s right. The company McDonnell was hawking was donating to his family left and right. Some call this taking advantage of the free market, but it is more like criminal behavior, though I grant you that the two can be hard to distinguish.


(Read the full story here)


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