Gov. Snyder signs bill to limit Michigan abortion clinics, kills his Blues overhaul

Gov Rick Snyder (GOP – Michigan) continues the Republican’s War on Women, but the klutz screwed up his own Blue Cross Blue Shield overhaul in the process. This is what happens when religious fanaticism, in this case Christianism, overtakes sanity. At least he’s not as stupid as tGOP Gov Bob McDonnell of Virginia, who had “trans-vaginal ultrasound” brainwave, but it still is medically unnecessary coercion. What puzzles me is where these Christian crazies got the idea to attack abortion and deny a woman’s right to decide what to do with her own body. After all, there’s nothing in the Christian Bible that forbids abortion.

His excuse that it is a “question of women’s health and safety” is the most pathetic I’ve heard in a long time. If that’s what he was really concerned about, he’d just get the Hell out of the way and let women deal with their own bodies the way they see fit.

[From The Detroit News by Karen Bouffard and Christine MacDonald] Lansing — Gov. Rick Snyder has scuttled his own plan to make Blue Cross Blue Shield a mutual liability insurance company in order to veto a provision that would have banned the Blues from providing standard abortion coverage.

In an interview Friday with The News, Snyder said he has signed another bill to require abortion clinics be licensed, but believes it is wrong to tell private insurers and employers what they can negotiate in their contracts.

The governor said his decisions on both bills follow threats from people on both sides of the abortion issue, and personal soul searching.

Snyder said the measure covering abortion clinics, House Bill 5711, was vastly revised since it was introduced earlier this year, and that many of the most controversial portions were deleted.

The bill requires that doctors screen patients to make sure they haven’t been coerced into
having an abortion, and requires that fetal remains be disposed of in the manner already used by clinics, Snyder said. It will also require that clinics performing more than 120 abortions per year be licensed.

“To be screened for coercion is a reasonable thing,” Snyder said in an interview this afternoon with The News. “It is really a question of women’s health and safety.”

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