Israeli Naziism

The Israeli Govt has passed a law that bans Israelis from boycotting Israeli goods, particularly goods made in illegal settlements in the Occupied West Bank. 

Freedom-loving Israelis claim that the legislation is intended “to silence criticism against the government’s policies in general and its policies in the occupied territories in particular”. 

Israel’s finance minister, Yuval Steinitz said: “Boycotts against the state of Israel certainly cannot be considered legitimate from Israel’s point of view and boycotts against the settlements or any other region of the country are not a democratic way to determine democratic oversight.” Huh? Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said. “I am against boycotts aimed at the state of Israel in general, and I am against boycotts aimed at groups within Israel.” 

So much for freedom of speech and choice in Israel. Hitler would have been proud of this law.

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From the Na·zism  also Na·zi·ism (-szm) n. The ideology and practice of the Nazis, especially the policy of racist nationalism, national expansionism, and state control of the economy.


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Deist & Centrist. Religious fanatics & the extremists from right & left harm society. Winston Churchill once said: "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." It's time to fight the lies, because the life of this nation depends upon it. Ideals: (1) Do good and don’t look back; (2) Honor & truth above politics.
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