The source of the lies about Obama

It has bothered me a lot that today’s Conservatives lie so easily about President Obama.

These Conservatives are quick to call Obama Kenyan, Indonesian, Muslim, Marxist, Socialist, ineligible, European, etc., none of which are true. They distort his record and his words, misrepresent his motives and actions, vilely abuse him and his family, invent lies, and much more. The attacks are clearly intended to de-legitimize, de-Americanize & de-humanize him.

The sheer vitriol of the Conservative attacks on Obama are at a level that has never been seen before in America. They are vile, toxic, utterly disgusting .. and are just about always based upon Conservative fantasies, things taken out of context, the misrepresentation of facts, and just plain fabrications. To these Conservatives, it doesn’t matter how vile or deceitful they have to become to hurt Obama  On the face of it, it may be understandable, because, at a political level,  they have made no bones about wanting to defeat and destroy Obama and his presidency, at all costs. But, I believe that it goes a lot deeper than that.

There is, clearly, an underlying cause that feeds into and exacerbates the vitriol expressed by these Conservatives.  It seems to start with the fact the Obama looks different, as does his family; that he does not fit the mold that somewhat under half of the American people expect their president to look like. The motivation of many of the haters does include elements of racism. But, more so, there seems to be an element of fear; a fear that a popular and well-liked Obama will change America in a way that will be emotionally and socially uncomfortable for many Conservatives. They fear the loss of their dominant position in America and that their vision of  what America should be like will be disrupted.

Leaders of the Evangelical Christian movement prey upon this fear and use it to serve their drive toward Christian Dominionism. By and large, they have generated a sense of distrust of Obama amongst their followers, and fanned the hatred. They want to put an end to his agenda of secular change.

Then, finally, we have the rats that the Founders warned us about – the rich masters of corporations who want to dominate America and use her for their own ends; for their own profit. From their actions to date, it is quite apparent that these corporate masters fear that Obama will move them off their pedestals and positions of power, and turn America back into a far more equitable society; the type of society the Founders sought. They use their vast wealth to set up fake grassroots organizations, through which they can spread their two-pronged propaganda – one aimed at destroying Obama’s presidency, by fanning the paranoia of Conservatives, and the second aimed at proliferating their corporatist agenda amongst Republicans and in Republican-led states, by interdicting the unions that are Obama’s base of support.

The source of the lies about Obama are quite clear. Excluding the cynical political agenda, the basis is fear; the fear of having an advantaged position overturned.

And this has proven to be very destructive toward America.


About AntiWacko

Deist & Centrist. Religious fanatics & the extremists from right & left harm society. Winston Churchill once said: "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." It's time to fight the lies, because the life of this nation depends upon it. Ideals: (1) Do good and don’t look back; (2) Honor & truth above politics.
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21 Responses to The source of the lies about Obama

  1. pammydale says:

    Spot on analysis.

  2. Joe Dmagio says:

    Terrible analysis. You are insane.

  3. paul says:

    please cite some sort of source if you’re going to say that someone is misrepresenting facts

    • Funny how we never question the source when we believe what is being said, when it fits our preordained way of seeing the world.

    • AntiWacko says:

      I wanted to keep this blog post short. The sources would fill volumes. Listen to Fox News, read Conservative blogs & follow the Conservatives on Twitter. That will prove my point very quickly.

    • seanmom says:

      Anyone who says “Obama is not black enough…” You ARE aware that it was Bobby Rush who made this accusation first, when he defeated Obama’s Congressional ambitions, right? And that Al Sharpton said it in 2007?

      There is SO much about this article that is ignorant and wrong. For something allegedly concerned about “lies” it is certainly full of them.

      Bonus: Birtherism stems from the Hillary Clinton campaign, not conservatism.

    • seanmom says:

      Are you talking to a respondent, or to the author of this fact-free analysis?

  4. I don’t know many “centrists” who have wretched things to say about only conservatives (or target them to put such juvenile posts in their face on Twitter, like you did with me).

    The race card was a mildly cute tactic back when liberals, like you, used it back in 2009. And it should’ve stayed there.

    If you wanted to ignore the black Republicans that were in politics before last year, you can’t ignore the fact that the party elected Tim Scott and Allen West to Congress. You also couldn’t ignore the fact that Herman Cain is a credible candidate for president because of the Tea Party.

    In insisting on using the race card as a crutch, your side continues to do itself a disservice by putting your intellectual laziness on display.

    • AntiWacko says:

      The “wretched” things are said about Conservatives because they express the majority of the lies these days. One has only to read the Conservative blogs & tweets to see that.

      Allen West is a thug, who disgraced his uniform, and fits in well with today’s Conservatives. Any clod (I.e. Tim Scott) who calls for Obama’s impeachment doesn’t deserve serious consideration. Herman Cain is not a credible option. No one who says that Obama is “not black enough” is not worth considering.

      If you only got from what I said that I was using the race card, you need to re-evaluate your command of English.

  5. The unfortunate factor in this battle over what is true is that it is not being waged in reality. When so many people refuse to believe the truth, especially when given overwhelming evidence to do so, how can we have intelligent discourse in America? How can we solve problems when so many people refuse to acknowledge that there even is a problem, ie. climate change, health care, etc.? How do you convince someone who has the answer to the question before it’s asked? How do you debate someone who says, “Well that’s my faith, and you can”t question faith?” How do you engage in intelligent debate and problem solving with someone who takes the lazy way out by saying, “We’ll just agree to disagree?” It is positively maddening to watch this insane circus that our politics has become and to know that every one of our problems has a solution based in facts, sound science, and a moral center, but we lack the intelligence, leadership, and courage to do the hard things. The middle class is being decimated, yet we continue to vote for, fight, kill, and die for the very people who are willing our demise.

    Giving every American health care is not going to ruin this nation; giving corporations personhood and unlimited free speech in the form of campaign contributions, however, most certainly will. Destroying unions and collective bargaining and allowing the richest one percent of Americans to gain an even higher concentration of wealth will absolutely spell the end of the American experiment. There are far more of us than there are of them. When will we stop fighting over the scraps, separating ourselves from one another over religion, color, sexual orientation, political parties, and other related nonsense, and come together to create a more just society?

    For the first time in history, the 400 richest Americans are all BILLIONAIRES. In 2009, this top 1 percent of U.S. households owned 35.6 percent of the nation’s private wealth. That’s more than the combined wealth of the bottom 90 percent. If you’re a billionaire, you can lose 99.9% of your net worth and still be a millionaire. What if you make the median American income of $62,000?

    The rich will be O.K. They’ve always been O.K. Even when the highest earners paid 90% income tax, they were still RICH. They still lived in mansions, drove Rolls Royces, summered in the Hamptons, and went on holiday to Europe. Asking them to contribute a little more now, especially when they have so vastly benefitted from the blood, sweat, tears, labor, and decline of the middle class for so long is not a slippery slope to socialism. In fact, it is absolutely justified.

    • AntiWacko says:

      I agree with your comments. It’s a pity that far too many others do not look behind the ideological rhetoric.

    • Dave Dufour says:

      Leftists/statists always think the rich will be “ok” because it fulfills their philosophy of stealing from the productive to achieve “fairness.” Many of the rich WILL be ok, because they will simply leave. Then where will your funds come from?

      “Giving” everyone health care sounds wonderful if you leave out the part about how it’s paid for via an inefficient bureaucracy. I want everyone to have access, which they actually DO now. I also think localized, motivated charitable organizations are far more efficient at picking up the slack in the health care system. Let’s not forget that Obamacare was put in place to help less than 10% of the population by forcing 90% to participate in something most don’t even want.

      • AntiWacko says:

        Another Conservative with spurious reasoning. Who would have guessed. First, the rich will not leave. Their wealth comes, mostly, from America, which is the highest-consuming nation in the world. Second, your statement about inefficient bureaucracy is a nice talking point, which is easily contradicted by the fact that the “bureaucracy-controlled” health care systems in the civilized world provide far better wellness outcomes, at less than half the cost, than the American system of which you are so proud. Incidentally, American health insurance companies have their own” bureaucracies”, driven by profits and not good outcomes for patients. Let’s not forget that President Obama was elected with a mandate from a substantial majority of Americans, to do just what he did.

  6. FlippinUid says:

    When a centrist president is lied about on a daily basis on every conservative media outlet, there is no need to footnote.

    • Dave Dufour says:

      No way he is a centrist. If you believe that, your “center” has moved pretty far left.

      • AntiWacko says:

        Today’s American Conservatives are busy trying to change the meanings of words. They have moved so far to the extreme right that they can, more accurately, be labeled as “Right Wing Extremists”, or “Corporatist-Dominionist Fascists”. Yesterday’s “compassionate conservatives” would now be labeled by them as “socialists”. Centrists, like me, are also called “socialists” or “marxists”. We have NOT moved. Today’s conservatives, led my the anti-American insanity of the Tea Party, have moved so far to the extreme right that the only policies and words they produce fall into the category of “unhinged”.

  7. Robert says:

    WTF is your malfunction? Obama is a snake oil salesman and a total fraud. Anyone who has to evaluate people for prospective partnership deals and business relationships knew conclusively that Obama is nothing more than someone who can read a teleprompter. End of subject. Everything he promised to Americans as part of his platform he has totally failed to produce. He has spent money like a drunk and wants to continue to do so. While he said in his speech tonight that America wants a balanced budget, he has totally resisted spending cuts throughout the debt negotiations. He promised to go line item by line item in the federal budget to wring out waste and fraud. All he has done is compound the problem. Obamacare is off-the-wall lunacy. Been to the doctor’s office lately? I have, several in-fact. Every single one has a sign in the waiting room that they will no longer take Medicare patients. And since Obamacare mandates the same payments to doctors as Medicare, all of those patients will be denied care as well. The emergency rooms will be overflowing. And a recent survey of small business shows that 31% of the workforce will lose their healthcare coverage and be pushed onto Medicaid thereby bankrupting the states.

    Obviously, you are clueless as to the reality of what is going on with this idiot fraudster who is a Kenyan citizen, NOT American, fraudulently occupying the White House.

    Wake the fuck up! Are you black, stupid or both?

    • AntiWacko says:

      You spewed a wonderful series of lies, with great vitriol. Do you really believe that stuff? Do you really believe that others believe your unhinged assertions? Everything you spewed out was a lie – and pathetic ones at that. I noticed a touch of racism in there too. Seeing as you cannot differentiate your fantasies from truth, I suggest you get some therapy.

  8. Excellent, pithy observation and analysis. I agree with keeping the post focused on your points, but to bring along others who might not yet be in agreement with you, one or two supporting sources might help.

    The “element of fear; a fear that a popular and well-liked Obama will change America in a way that will be emotionally and socially uncomfortable for many Conservatives” is at the core of what has galvanized them to try to de-legitimize him; fanning flames of racism or ethnic prejudices is only one tool, a means to an end. Obama’s unexpected popularity in 2008 caught them very much off guard, and they are lashing out with everything they’ve got at what they saw as the deepest threat yet to the status quo. They have been successful in thwarting the implementation of Obama’s platform because of what I believe was a mistake at the outset of his administration: trying to get everyone on board and to be known as a consensus-maker without first fully consolidating his campaign’s political power into executive political power with some quick wins, even if those wins would have been gotten on slim margins. It is more effective to negotiate when it looks like negotiating’s not your only option. That consensus-seeking from the outset came across as weak, and now we seemed to be “governed” by truculent toddlers who only know how to yell “hell, no”.

    What should be galvanizing to the left (to all Americans, really) is the scary willingness of wealthy Conservatives to do or allow severe damage to the economy in order to wrest away control not so much from Obama or Democrats as from what they promote, represent and defend: a safety net of laws designed to protect workers and consumers. As long as the sinking tide still keeps their yachts afloat, Kochian Conservatives will continue to play this dangerous game of economic chicken.

    On a separate topic, your Twitter account appears to be suspended. Could you fix that, please? Do a search and find my tweet to you today (tweeted before I realized you were suspended). Your intelligent provocateur voice is one of the more knowledgeable ones out there – clearly nettlesome to those who tweet without facts.

  9. Cannon says:

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