Newt Gingrich – Bumbling Bombastic Buffoon

The following report shows, quite clearly, that Newt Gingrich is a bumbling bombastic buffoon, and should not be allowed anywhere near Government.

(CNN) – Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich launched another zinger at President Obama on Thursday by channeling President Theodore Roosevelt who famously said “Walk softly and carry a big stick.”

Of the president, Gingrich said “Theodore Roosevelt said you have to walk softly and carry a big stick. This is a guy who talks loudly and has no stick.”

He was referencing Obama’s action, or perceived lack thereof, regarding Libya, during an interview with local affiliate WMUR that followed the possible presidential candidate’s appearance at an event in New Hampshire.

Gingrich also made other presidential comparisons to Obama, saying, “You can’t imagine a bigger gap in effectiveness between President Obama and Presidents Eisenhower and Reagan.”

Gingrich’s analysis is like one from a crack-head. Apart from it being badly biased by his own fantasies, one of  his complaints was that Barack Obama wouldn’t act like Ronald Reagan & break US laws. This comes from someone who apparently wants to be President of the U.S.A. Gingrich also, apparently, never learned the value of patience, of thinking things through, and of consensus and coalition building. He should have talked with George H. W. Bush, who did it perfectly in 1991, before he opened his mouth and put his stupidity on display.

Newt Gingrich should stick to women.


About AntiWacko

Deist & Centrist. Religious fanatics & the extremists from right & left harm society. Winston Churchill once said: "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." It's time to fight the lies, because the life of this nation depends upon it. Ideals: (1) Do good and don’t look back; (2) Honor & truth above politics.
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